Litter and debris in America is a recurring problem that has to be dealt with on a daily basis. Litter not only looks unsightly but it is also unsanitary. Studies have shown that uncollected litter lowers property values, contaminates our water systems, and endangers our wildlife.

Evidenced by the enormous amount of volunteer groups donating their time and effort to picking up discarded trash is further complemented by the amount of donations committed by some of the largest companies in the country.  Recognizing this endless plight of keeping America clean is why these companies donate goods, materials and services to fight the battle of the litter control movement. This movement is specifically why The Trash Bagger was invented.

We understand the great importance of organizations and nonprofits like yours. Sometimes the hard work of recruiting potential volunteers, managing campaigns and fundraising can be an arduous task. We want to become the powerful brand that works side by side with you to help with the necessary resources and funding to help raise awareness and help make your community litter free.

An organized cleanup is more than just volunteers spending time picking up garbage off of our beautiful beaches, roadways, town and state parks, stadiums, campgrounds, parks… the list goes on. There is education that goes along with it. If we don’t provide education, our missions would not be seen through. The cooperative effort between Garbo Grabber™ and your organization will give volunteers access to our streamlined products and your continued education, making for an all around better quality of life.  We believe our initiative will help you reach a larger audience.

As your mission is understood by more individuals, they will have the opportunity to support your cause. We want to supply your volunteers with the proper tools, which will make their cleanup more sanitary, more efficient, and overall, more rewarding! We also want to donate a percentage of sales back to you based on everyday purchases. Working together to help support your cause will help achieve a positive outcome.

We want to help you make a difference as we work together to clean up America!