The Garbo Grabber™ Sponsorship Program is an extension of our Give Back Program, but this program allows for local, national and worldwide organizations to sponsor your clean up events!
Our products, namely, The Trash Bagger, becomes "the official clean up tool" of your organization.

We would work collectively with you and your sponsor to customize this sponsorship to your needs and wants. For example, customize The Trash Bagger color and the logos that would be displayed on the unit itself. This allows for a larger advertising platform for both your organization and sponsor/donor!  

Depending on how many clean up events you perform per year, your organization can resell the sponsorship space on The Trash Bagger units to another sponsor for the events which, in return, will bring in continued revenue to your organization!

Program benefits: 

  • Your organization will receive a custom program code allowing for discounts when purchasing our products. This code can be shared with your sponsors, donors, affiliates, volunteers,  social media followers, the public, and anyone you think can help make a difference.

  • Garbo Grabber™ will donate a percentage of each sale back to your organization when your custom program code is used at checkout.

  • Your sponsor/donor will be able to purchase our products at a discounted rate and donate them to your organization for you to keep for future cleanup events.

  • We will work together to customize this program to meet your needs  - we can customize the color of The Trash Bagger, "the official clean up tool" (minimum order required), logos for advertising space on the units, t-shirts, customized bags...we can help make it happen!

  • Depending on how many cleanup events you perform per year, your organization can resell the sponsorship space on The Trash Bagger units as a virtual walking billboard, bringing in additional revenue to your organization.

  • Your organization will be added to our #GGEvolution channel on our website which will showcase your organization and the great things you are doing within your community.

  • The #GGEvolution channel creates another avenue for us to donate back to you. Everyday users can read about your cause and choose your organization for us to donate to.

  • Our Social Media platforms help increase recognition and exposure for both your organization and sponsor/donor.

  • Increases team building, educational support and awareness.


Producing Perpetual Income for your organization can be as simple as 1-2-3.

This fundraising system will return necessary amounts
to sustain your organization's efforts in perpetuity.


Interested? Contact us!