Why you should choose the trash bagger over a bucket:

The Trash Bagger was designed to improve the way litter is picked up. It's the most efficient way to pick up litter. Here are a few ways of why you should make the switch and get on board with The Trash Bagger

  • Keeps the mouth of the bag open during use - you are not fighting with the bag anymore!

  • Litter stays inside The Trash Bagger on windy days - WOW! Huge PLUS!

  • Increases productivity - you will cover more ground with The Trash Bagger than you would with only a bag or bucket

  • Provides better sanitary conditions - you are not touching the litter when disposing of it

  • Enhances workers visibility - the orange color allows the worker to remain visible when picking up litter on roadways, highways, beaches, parks, etc

  • Over all more efficient - you will cover MORE GROUND which means you are picking up MORE LITTER, FASTER!

  • The Trash Bagger holds 4 buckets worth of litter! No more going back for your 2nd, 3rd or 4th bucket - you can keep picking up litter and moving forward with The Trash Bagger!

1.5lbs of plastic vs 7.2lbs of plastic


the only thing that the trash bagger and four buckets have in common is: 

They hold the same amount of litter! That. Is. It.

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